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KyuMin is love.

Always believe. :D

11 January
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My name is Joanne Cornejo.
My nickname is Wina.
I am the youngest child, I have two older sisters.
I am Capricorn.
I am Blood type A.
I'm 5"2 and petite.
I'm half spanish and filipino.
I am currently an incoming first year medical student.
I have graduated BS Pharmacy.
I love pink and purple.
I love to travel and explore different cultures.
I am very quirky and loud in person.
I love to eat almost anything. Almost all cuisines are to my liking.
I am highly allergic to SHRIMP. :(
I am a shopaholic.
I am a certified sentimental fool.
I have a soft spot to kids.
I am a scaredy cat.
I love reading people's opinion.
I am a cosplayer from time to time.
I am a big nerd.
I love to write but I write stuff that are more personal usually they are related to what I am feeling for the moment.
I have seen the four members of Shinee last year when Korea and the Rep. of the Philippines celebrated it's Friendship day.
I have also attented the Super Show 2 & 3 in Manila, and that is two of the happiest moments of my life! :D
Planning to visit Korea soon.
Add me up. Let all ELFS be friends. <3