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My Bloody Valentine

Title: My Bloody Valentine

Author: i_love_sungmin

Pairing: KyuMin

Rating: PG-15

Genre: Horror/Comedy/Romance

Type: Onshot

Disclaimer: I do not own Super Junior (but I wish I really did)

Warning: Gender switch

Summary: Kyuhyun is a Harlequin who is inlove with Sungmin his Columbine. In this bizarre love story… Kyuhyun will give up his heart just to win Sungmin’s heart.


Harlequin – is a demon character wearing a mask who falls in love with Columbine. The origin of the Harlequin came from Dante’s Inferno.

Columbine – is the lovely woman who has caught the eye of the Harlequin. She is sometimes depicted as a servant girl or the daughter of the pantaloon.

Pantaloon - is the devious, greedy Merchant of Venice.


Today is the most awaited time of the year that I look forward to. It is February the 14th. And it is special and unique because I the Harlequin will enter the human world to find my Valentine, Columbine. It is one of the rare moments where my master allows me to do as I wish. After living for more than a millennium I have lost and found my Columbine time and time again. It is by ill faith that she will never be immortal like me. But still every century I find her and wait till the time is right to claim her heart and be one with mine.

I visualize the street where she lives and within seconds I find myself teleported to earth. I quietly ran to a nearby tree, looking at the window of the house before me. There she was looking outside the window with a faraway look in her eye. I look at her and my heart begins to beat rapidly. I can’t hardly wait for the moment that she and I will become one again. I carefully took out the brown paper bag out of the breast pocket of my blue coat. I walked towards the back door of the house as I brave the chilly wind. I left the brown paper bag on the doorstep and knocked on the door with a sense of urgency. Then I disappeared once again into my hiding place.

My Columbine, Sungmin answered the door and was surprised to find the abandoned bag on its step. She looked carefully from left to right, eyeing the streets carefully hoping to find a trace of the person which left the package and was unable to find no one in sight. She picked it up and closed the door. Fearing of what she might do, I drifted inside the house. Floating right in front of her while she checks the package she has just received. Of course since she has not acknowledged my existence as her valentine I remain invisible to her eyes. I look at her shamefully and devour each little detail, her curly brown hair, her oval face, her brown doe eyes, her pout pink lips, her white dewy skin, her rounded breast, her slim waist and her curvy hips. I was lost by the mere sight of her.

“Oh my Columbine hurry and feed this longing heart of mine.” I said poetically as if she could hear me.

She opens the bag and was surprised of the content it held inside. She slowly lifted it up and looked closely. She was looking at an organ a size of a human fist. The one organ responsible for the pumping of blood in one’s body. Yes she was holding my heart literally. And I can feel the sensation of her warm touch ran through my body as she returns my heart into the bag. She goes to the sink and washes her blood stricken hands, sanitizing herself with anti bacterial soap. She takes the kitchen towel and dries herself. She went into the living room finding her Pantaloon sitting and smoking a cigar. He looked at her nonchalantly.

“Father, I’ll excuse myself for a while. I have something important to do. I’ll be home by dinner.”

“Dear Child, do as you wish. I have guests to arrive shortly. I’ll be busy I won’t be able to notice the hours that pass by without you in the house.” replied the Pantaloon as he blew a whiff of smoke into the direction of his only daughter.

Sungmin coughed and replied a nod to his father Heechul the Pantaloon. She hurriedly got the package on the kitchen counter and put on her grey coat as she heads out. I calmly walk beside her as we stroll the streets, ravishing the idea that we were walking side by side, although I feel the happiness in my heart that she is currently carrying in a bag. As warm as my feelings are my poor Columbine can only feel a breeze beside her and at that she hurriedly made her way into the cemetery.

She walks ahead of me and I follow her thumping my feet on the ground as if I was part of a band. The cemetery is deserted and quiet and I was beginning to wonder why would Sungmin go there, until my eye gets hold of a plank piece of wood perched on top of the solid granite mausoleum.

“UNDERTAKER” was the word written on the wooden plank. She went inside not even knocking for the intrusion. The place smelled of decayed flesh, formaldehyde, and winter green mint. Amidst the horrible stench the place was sparkling clean and the white tiled walls had no signs of any molds. Cadavers where lined up in rows as they lay in cold metallic beds. Classical music was playing on the background and the current song playing was the most fitting choice for the atmosphere of the place. Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonota filled the air; the music was so loud the man wearing the white lab coat didn’t notice Sungmin until she was standing beside him as she tugged the man’s arm.

The man was startled from what he was doing. The pathologist was currently making a Y incision on the cadaver’s bare chest. He stopped and looked at Sungmin and a smile was formed in his lips. I felt daggers hit my chest from that alone I knew he liked my Columbine as well but I was helpless I could not harm him right in front of my Minnie. Instead I let out a sigh as the two started to converse.

“Kim Kibum, is this your idea of a Valentine?” asked Sungmin as she carelessly dropped my heart into the steel table.

“What? I don’t know what you’re talking about. What’s inside the bag?”

“I thought you could tell me what it is. That’s why I came here.”

The doctor then took the bag and opened it. He took out my heart and examined it for some time.

“Well, you have a heart and a healthy one too. Whoever the person is he took care of his heart.”

“Then this is not one of your valentine pranks? I thought you could tell me where this heart came from.”

“I’m sorry to disappoint you my Lady, but no it didn’t come from me.”

“What should I do then? Burn it? Or burry it into the ground perhaps?”

“You can do whatever you want. It’s your heart after all.”

“Fine, I’ll think of what to do with it. I should be going now. Thanks Kibum.”

“Sungmin, you should come back here. I mean it I need a good assistant. You can have your job back.”

At that Sungmin smiled and waved goodbye and started to walk outside. Thank goodness that was over! My heart almost broke in two with the suggestions she was saying earlier. I have to find a way to make her realize she needs to feel the beating of my heart. I took out my magical stick and with a flick I put a spell on her. She did exactly what I wanted her to do. She went to the East side of town and arrived at the fortune teller’s shop. She goes in and I follow her inside.

The fortune teller was Lee Hyukjae with black ringlet hair, alabaster white skin, and a strong jawline. She was dressed in a gypsy outfit. She had a headband on her hair, and layers of gold bracelets fall on her arm. She ushered her in and mentioned her to get close.

“Madame, I am at lost. What should I do?”

The older woman laughed as she gazed into the crystal ball sitting at the center of the table. She touched it and uttered strange incantations before finally replying to her customer.

“My dear, have you heard of the term Harlequin?”

“Yes, but isn’t it some kind of folklore story from the past?”

“Did he give you his heart? Is it the one hidden in your coat pocket? Dearie, I think your mistaken a Harlequin is a demon”

“I do have his heart. What should I do with it?”

“You alone can answer your question. Remember your destiny may be in jeopardy. Do what you must and fulfill what is meant to be.”

She gives a small smile and pays the older woman ten bucks for the reading. Across the street a restaurant was located. My dear Columbine decided it was time for a quick snack. She let herself inside the bistro and seated herself in one of the stool chairs. She ordered a plate of hash browns and plain water. She waited for a couple of minutes till the food arrived, she then asked for an extra plate and steak knife. She now took out the paper bag and opened it. She used the fork to pitch my heart unto the plate. She drizzled my heart with tomato ketchup and cut it into tiny pieces. She was about to eat a mouthful when the owner interrupted her, stopping the gut wrenching feeling I had in my stomach.

“Lady Sungmin, I didn’t know you were anemic.” said Shindong the owner of the restaurant

“Not anymore after I’m done eating this.”

She finally toke one bite and I can feel the warm cavern of her mouth, the slip of her tongue as she chews the raw meat carefully before swallowing it. She takes three more bites before she finally saw me. She was shocked but she composed herself, told the owner to kindly wrap up the leftover food for takeout as she hands him the payment for the meal. She looked straight right through me and said:

“Outside now.”

I followed her silently, shy now because she was able to see me clearly. We stopped a block from their house.

“Take out  that stupid mask. You look ridiculous.”

I gently took off my mask and was surprised when she looked at me differently. Her eyes were now kinder and warmer and a smile begins to form in her lips.

“You’re far good looking than I thought. Are all Harlequins as good looking as you?"

I let out a chuckle and a smirk before replying.

“I believe not my Lady. As far as I remember I am the only Harlequin who looks as dashing.”

“Really, aren’t I lucky? The best looking Harlequin picked me. So what’s your name?”

“I am Cho Kyuhyun, the Harlequin. Nice to meet you my Columbine.”

“Nice to meet you Mr. Harlequin. I am Lee Sungmin but I guess you already know that.”

“So tell me why did you pick me?”

“The rose is red, the violet's blue

The honey's sweet, and so are you

Thou are my love and I am thine

I drew thee to my Valentine

The lot was cast and then I drew

And Fortune said it should be you”

At that I came close to her till the distance of our two bodies disappeared. I softly traced the outline of her face with my fingers before kissing her fully in the mouth. I start to feel weak in the knees as she kiss in deeper, making the kiss heavier and hotter. I stop and she giggles at my face, red hot blotches were starting to form in my cheeks.

“Really don’t tell me it’s your first kiss?” teased Sungmin while playfully blowing air into my ears

“Maybe in this century.” I muttered back before holding her hand and leading the way back home.



The modern cliché Valentine's Day poem can be found in the collection of English nursery rhymes Gammer Gurton's Garland (1784)

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